Cinema Quality Training Courses

  • Capture Attention
  • Deliver Results
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People learn best when they they're fully engaged. Compliance is increased when people clearly understand what's expected. That's why the foundation of our sexual harassment training courses are entertaining movie-style stories that capture attention and deliver results.

Opus courses were produced using the latest technology and most entertaining film-making techniques. Without question, this is the most engaging and effective sexual harassment and discrimination training available anywhere, at any cost.

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Course Samples

Our complete training solution includes four courses (all courses are available in English and include closed captions):

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers
  • Preventing Discrimination for Employees
  • Preventing Discrimination for Managers

We've included a few samples below. To view the courses in their entirety and to experience our tests, records, and reports, we offer a 14 day free trial.